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Sales Force Automation

Design Your Sales

A Sales Person Will visit your shop and He will be connecting to the Cloud System, and Generate a Bill for you

Sales App Will Syncronize the Data with the Cloud

Innovative New Interface

▶   Menu Icons
▶   100% visiblity under Day-Light
▶   Improved Understandability
▶   Two Menu Categories as Common & Customer specific
▶   Offline operations during Route Visit
▶   Auto & Manual Synchronizations with the Server


SFA provides reports on

■     Sales
■     Stock movements
■     Debtors with age analysis
■     Targets and achievements
■     Productivity

Sales monitoring

Sales monitoring in SFA solution facilitates you to monitor

■     Customer wise sales
■     SKU wise sales
■     Sales by value / Volume


Transaction will be recorded with the GPS coordinates of the location where the transaction take place

Fully loaded Sales Dashbaord

Sales teams operate in a fast-paced, performance-driven environment. Just think of daily and monthly sales targets. They need to be continuously fine-tuned to ensure your company is hitting its revenue targets. An effective sales dashboard empowers sales leaders to keep tabs on their current performance.

key Features


We understand your business process is unique and our Sales Force Automation application offers the flexibility to adapt to your workflow, and not the other way around. PMS SFA solution is built to allow a smooth interface with other back-end applications, streamlining information between the field workforce and the back-end, significantly reducing clerical work and human errors. Increased visibility, more effective reps and better-served clients will have a positive impact on your bottom line.

for theField Reps

  • Automatic scheduling of visits
  • Visibility on sales objectives, overall and by customer
  • Simplified start and end of day
  • Quick access to customer and product information anytime, anywhere
  • Increased efficiency with client-specific interactions
  • Reduced errors in order processing
  • Decreased administrative duties
  • Quick response to customer requests
  • Better customer service

for theDistributor

  • Better management of Client Visits
  • Easy Stock Management
  • Improved Stock Allocation
  • Reviewing Sales made easy
  • Performance Evaluation based on Sales Targets
  • Minimized Human Errors
  • Fast Adoptability

for theManagement

  • Lower operating costs
  • Lower out-of-stock
  • Higher revenue per sales route and increased sales
  • Improved visibility on field activities: clients visited, sequence of stops and more
  • Higher accountability and control
  • Better tracking of sales objectives: overall, by customer, by product, by territory and more
  • Better decision-making and shorter reaction time
  • Reduced clerical work and errors


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